Thursday, December 9, 2010

Interior Design Tips - Steps to makeover your living room.

1) Determine the interior style (modern / classic etc).
2) Choose the overall colour scheme. Then, based on the colour scheme that had been chosen, choose the colour for your feature wall & non-feature wall.
3) Choose a feature wall
How? - once we enter a room / an area, the first wall that we see is the feature wall.
Feature wall will use darker colour scheme & non-feature wall will use lighter colour scheme. By doing this, we can create a vision depth to the space so the space will look bigger.
4) Select the right furniture based on your interior style.
5) Choose the lighting (also based on your interior style)
Always use warm light to create ambiance for the interior & use day light (white) for tasking purposes. 
6) Soft furnishings (to soften the overall interior).
Curtain - there are 2 types of curtains. Daytime curtain (sheer curtain) to filter the day light into the room & night curtain is for privacy at night.
Use the feature wall colour as the "base colour" for the soft furnishings (cushions, curtains, accessories etc)
7) Choose home deco accessories - always select big / oversize deco items based on your interior style
8) Finally, use fresh flowers & candles to add sense of elegance to your living room.

 So, let's start!

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