Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ruang Dwi-fungsi

Walaupun tidak dapat saya buktikan secara statistik, saya percaya 90% rumah dan kediaman di bandar-bandar besar di Malaysia terutama di Kuala Lumpur menggunakan konsep dwi-fungsi di dalam setiap penataan ruang dan susunan hiasan dalaman serta perabot.

Apabila wujud ruang dwi-fungsi, banyak perkara perlu dititikberatkan agar ruang menjadi selesa dan sesuai dengan setiap fungsinya.

Berikut adalah dua contoh perkara yang diambilkira ketika menghias ruang dwi-fungsi:

1) Ruang tamu / ruang menonton televisyen
Ruang ini adalah ruang keluarga dan menjadi ruang tamu ketika terdapat tetamu di rumah. Oleh itu, sofa yang dipilih mestilah memenuhi kedua-dua fungsi ruang tersebut. Sofa berbentuk L yang empuk mungkin sesuai kerana sofa jenis ini lebih selesa ketika menonton televisyen, lebih luas bagi seisi keluarga bersantai dan juga sesuai ketika menyambut tetamu. Sofa ini juga boleh diubah dan dialih-alih bergantung kepada kesesuaian aktiviti di ruang tersebut. Selain Sofa berbentuk L, 'sofa bed' juga amat sesuai, terutama jika sesebuah rumah tidak mempunyai bilik untuk tetamu.

2)Bilik tidur / bilik bekerja
Bilik tidur dan bilik bekerja seandainya digabungkan hendaklah mengambilkira kesan pencahayaan di dalam ruang bilik tersebut. Idea di bawah boleh digunakan bagi menghasilkan cahaya yang sesuai di dalam bilik, bergantung kepada fungsi ruang yang digunakan.

Suluhan ke dinding bagi mendapatkan kesan yang sama dengan lampu tidur. Gaya suluhan ini juga boleh digunakan sekiranya ingin menyerlahkan lukisan / hiasan di dinding.

Suluhan cahaya ke atas / siling menghasilkan cahaya berbalik yang menerangi keseluruhan ruang bilik. Cahaya jenis ini juga tidak terlalu kuat dan menyakitkan mata.

Fokus pencahayaan ketika membaca / ketika menggunakan ruang kerja
Fokus pencahayaan di ruang dwi-fungsi amat penting agar setiap aktiviti yang dilakukan tidak mengganggu penghuni yang lain.

Apabila berada di rumah, dua bahagian di dalam rumah yang menjadi kegemaran saya ialah di ruang tamu / ruang menonton televisyen & di bilik tidur / bilik bekerja. Apakah ruang dwi-fungsi kegemaran anda?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Graphic Design?

It's been years since the last time I did graphic design for any event or presentation. Since I am now a committee member of my company's big event, I took the challenge to design the poster & invitation card for the event.


The Poster

Another poster / design theme for the event

VIP Invitation Card (Front)

VIP Invitation Card (Back)

Be Merry!

To be honest, I forgot on how to use Adobe Photoshop & Pagemaker. I do not know what version is AP & Pagemaker nowadays. So, I use PhotoScape to do the graphic & PowerPoint to finish the posters & invitation card with the wordings.

This is dedicated to my colleagues, esp Rozman Mat Nasir, Faiz, Im & Maliki.
I miss the time when we used to had a headache thinking about all the presentations during the university days!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet Abd Rahman, a guy with 'gold in his hands'!

En Abd Rahman at his workshop

I celebrated my birthday with something different this year. 3 of my friends and I went to a very special house in Air Hitam, Muar. Our plan is to meet a guy with 'gold in his hands', given by God to him. His name is Abd Rahman - a carver (tukang ukir). Inherited the skill from his late father, he use his skill for a living.

batang cangkul: main source of his income

From a business trip (one of us would like to order something from him), this visit had become a start of a community project for us.

The first machine while he start his business in 1999.

Some of the sample & patterns available in his workshop

Having a small workshop in his backyard and living in a small village, Abd Rahman did not know how to market his work and didn't see the bigger potential of his skill. After having some nice chat and looking to his art work, we can see how skillful and talented Abd Rahman is and we, then decided to help him in every way that we could.

Most of  the design & drawings is done by his wife
 Our first step is to publish his story in Berita Harian, in hope to get potential customers to get to know him and to market his artwork through the article.

Verbally, my friend in Berita Harian already agreed to help. The next step is for me to prepare the article and pictures and submit to Berita Harian. That, I will do within this month.

The second step is actually to help him to get any sort of financial support (from Mara etc) to grow his business.

The third step is to help him create and manage a facebook account special for his business.

and the final step is to design and sell products that we can order from him such as bedroom light, tabletop display and mirror with frames to help him sustain with his business.

I will share more about this project (including more pictures) very soon!

Update (11.05.2012): Story about Abd Rahman will be published in Berita Harian very soon. Now, we are moving to the second step! :)

Selamat Hari Raya!

I hope I am not too late to wish everybody Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!. May this festive season brings us closer. I believe every Muslims out there is still very busy with open houses and Hari Raya events throughout this month.

Related to this once in a year event, here, I would like to share some of my creative ideas that I did during Hari Raya. I am not (yet) rich enough to give each of you a green money packet but sharing my ideas in this post is an 'ang pow' from me to each and everyone!

Bunga kantan (torch ginger)... a decoration - why not?

Other than raya cookies, children will love puddings...
...and snacks like this. I am using cake presentation plate & a unique ice bucket to serve the puddings and the snacks to the guests.

Instead of giving ang pow pack (or green packet for Hari Raya), I gave this to my close relatives for them to start saving their money.
 Indoor games can attract kids to sit still. As for the guests, they would feel like home.

Similar to what we usually find in mini markets.

Bottled drinks ready for the guests.

Pandan sponge cake with canned peach in syrup for the Marhaban group.

Interesting & creative way of cutting the watermelons.
Serving a simple old style syrup rose with ice - a moment that everybody is waiting!
Arrange some cushions on your extra space (if you have any) to prepare for those who bring babies to your house or...

...even for the kids to take a 15 minutes nap.
Try to use these ideas during your open house & I can guarantee, they will go again to your house next year, and the year after, and many more years after..

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Creat +ve! Ideas from IKEA

I went to IKEA two days ago just to fill my day off with something that I always love to do - window shopping; although I always end up burning a hole in my pocket with 'real shopping'.
Since I started this blog, I also started to look at things differently. I noticed that my passion to everything creative is growing.

So, my window shopping at IKEA two days ago is really different from all of my previous visits.
Let's share their creat +ve ideas!

A creative way to keep your space tidy - hang your not-in-use foldable chair!. You also can hang this foldable chair a bit higher (eye level) and change it to a book shelf (if you want to)!.

Something that I did in my current house - combining dining area with study / working area & reading area. We have to be extra creative if we are living in a small space.

Notice how they arrange all the furniture?. A small space looks larger with the right furniture arrangement. All areas also being used productively.

Comfortable sofa is very important in a family area. With this type of sofa, this area also can be changed to a gathering / party area for family or friends. Choose plain colour to ensure the small space looks bigger.

Having a memo board is usual especially at schools, library and even at home office & kitchen. Try to place the memo board like this at other areas such as at reading area, wash room and other strategic area. Put recipes and reminders. This is going to be your favorite space!

Fill your frames with everything that gives inspiration & memorable to you like your childhood shirts, piece of anything nostalgic to you, souvenirs or even your vacation t-shirt!. Do not always use the same frames but try to use different type & sizes like what they did in this picture.

Try to be creative with your flower pot. Use jugs, tea pots, bottles, mugs etc

Carpets & rugs brings colors and give comfortable feeling to your feet. It also differentiate an area from other area. The nice rugs is not necessarily expensive. Take sometime & try to browse at bundle shop near you. Do not afraid to use rugs at your kitchen. 

If you feel your seating is not comfy enough, this is one of the way to get a comfortable seating. 

Try to mix and match and use different pattern of fabric for your cushion. There are several ways to do it - use (fabric with) different contrast colors, different tone etc. In this picture, they use the same colour base fabric, but different pattern.

Tired of the same wall look & colors?. Couldn't find the right choice of wall papers?. Try this - The cost will be cheaper; depending on the type of fabric that you use. You can also try to make your own print!.

Fabric can also be used to cover your furniture. How to do it is depend on you. In this picture, a board is being wrapped with fabric. The wrapped board is then being attached to the furniture.

Want to hide your wall, or would like to make full use of each space you have in your home?. Fill every of your corner with shelves like in this picture.
Do you think these ideas are not creat +ve enough?. It may look simple, but try to do-it-yourself. Twist these ideas with something of your own, be it materials, arrangement or anything you in your own space and you'll realize how creative these ideas are. Believe me! ;)


Saturday, August 13, 2011

IKEA 2012 Catalogue is out!


IKEA 2012 catalogue is out! To save the environment, let's browse this catalogue online here!
Check out their promotions from now till December 2011. Quite interesting!

So, what are you waiting for?. Let's start your Hari Raya home decoration now!.

P/s: IKEA need to pay me for this 'ad'. =)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Incredible !ndia.

India - love or hate. That is all.

For me, I love India. A truly interesting place with full of colors. Visit and be amazed by the people & their culture.

A guide book that I read mentioned:

"India is like nowhere else on earth - it's thrilling, frustrating, inspiring and, most of all, incredibly diverse. With around 850 different languages in daily use, the sheer profusion of its peoples and landscapes is unparalleled"

I visited India last end of April till 2nd of May. A 6 days visit was full with amazing experience. What I love the most is the colorful people (and they love cameras) and their past architecture.

Here, I would like to share some of the deco ideas that I captured during my stay - from Delhi to Jaipur to Agra & back to Delhi.

A unique box for Rp3000

Candle holder - nice deco at the restaurant, Delhi

Outdoor bench at Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

Furniture at rooftop restaurant, Sunstar Grand Hotel. New Delhi

A very nice restaurant - seen from the outside (it was closed during our visit).

A shop that we found in the middle of a historical landmark in Rajashtan

Their concept inviting us to walk in

Window display

simple & nice - just the way we love it!

Love the bright and contrast colour of the cushions

From an old and dull corner to a cozy & nice seating area

Cashmere pashmina shawls

The hotel room in Sunstar Grand Hotel, humble look from the outside but quite grand look (for a budget hotel) inside.

A unique chair for two.

spoilt for choice! ;)

complete or too much?

Flowers in small pond - gives us a warm welcome to our 2nd hotel in Rajashtan.

Love the design

Nice bed setting - from here, we can learn some new way of decorating a bed

bath towel

Classic designed trash bin

Another view of the bed

..and I give my personal touch!

Our 3rd hotel - located just a few kilometers from the Taj Mahal

The bed

Furniture and deco at the reception area

Till then, see you in my next post! Challo!