Thursday, August 18, 2011

Creat +ve! Ideas from IKEA

I went to IKEA two days ago just to fill my day off with something that I always love to do - window shopping; although I always end up burning a hole in my pocket with 'real shopping'.
Since I started this blog, I also started to look at things differently. I noticed that my passion to everything creative is growing.

So, my window shopping at IKEA two days ago is really different from all of my previous visits.
Let's share their creat +ve ideas!

A creative way to keep your space tidy - hang your not-in-use foldable chair!. You also can hang this foldable chair a bit higher (eye level) and change it to a book shelf (if you want to)!.

Something that I did in my current house - combining dining area with study / working area & reading area. We have to be extra creative if we are living in a small space.

Notice how they arrange all the furniture?. A small space looks larger with the right furniture arrangement. All areas also being used productively.

Comfortable sofa is very important in a family area. With this type of sofa, this area also can be changed to a gathering / party area for family or friends. Choose plain colour to ensure the small space looks bigger.

Having a memo board is usual especially at schools, library and even at home office & kitchen. Try to place the memo board like this at other areas such as at reading area, wash room and other strategic area. Put recipes and reminders. This is going to be your favorite space!

Fill your frames with everything that gives inspiration & memorable to you like your childhood shirts, piece of anything nostalgic to you, souvenirs or even your vacation t-shirt!. Do not always use the same frames but try to use different type & sizes like what they did in this picture.

Try to be creative with your flower pot. Use jugs, tea pots, bottles, mugs etc

Carpets & rugs brings colors and give comfortable feeling to your feet. It also differentiate an area from other area. The nice rugs is not necessarily expensive. Take sometime & try to browse at bundle shop near you. Do not afraid to use rugs at your kitchen. 

If you feel your seating is not comfy enough, this is one of the way to get a comfortable seating. 

Try to mix and match and use different pattern of fabric for your cushion. There are several ways to do it - use (fabric with) different contrast colors, different tone etc. In this picture, they use the same colour base fabric, but different pattern.

Tired of the same wall look & colors?. Couldn't find the right choice of wall papers?. Try this - The cost will be cheaper; depending on the type of fabric that you use. You can also try to make your own print!.

Fabric can also be used to cover your furniture. How to do it is depend on you. In this picture, a board is being wrapped with fabric. The wrapped board is then being attached to the furniture.

Want to hide your wall, or would like to make full use of each space you have in your home?. Fill every of your corner with shelves like in this picture.
Do you think these ideas are not creat +ve enough?. It may look simple, but try to do-it-yourself. Twist these ideas with something of your own, be it materials, arrangement or anything you in your own space and you'll realize how creative these ideas are. Believe me! ;)