Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Turning a flat to a condo!

Hi! it's been a while since my last post. I am moving out to a new (rented) house last month & I need to get the right mood & area where I can start blogging again.

Now, (since I am comfortable with my new working area & the mood is good ;) I would like to share something very interesting with you!. Before moving out, I actually redesigned my interior. I turned my flat to a 'condo'. How many of you ever dream of having a great interior as you're living in a very expensive house but in reality all that we can afford is always less than what we expect. Don't worry & be happy, ok!. 

In my last post, I proved that a 100 years old kampung house can be great if we put a nice & suitable interior in it. This time, here are some pictures of my ideas that I think successfully turned my flat to a 'condo'!

The living room - although the space is very small, I managed to arrange a nice 3+2 seater sofa and a coffee table in my living room.

Interior accessories such as books, artificial plants, cushions & other accessories to complement my interior design.

I choose solid wood furnitures for it to last for generations. This is view from the front door.

Keeping nice books is one of my hobby. Reading it is another story. =)

This is another view of my living room, facing to the kitchen.

My favorite artificial plant from Casa Impian & an antique Chinese covered food bowl.

Wall accessory - frame from Sarawak with scarf from Vietnam. The arrangement gave something interesting to look at.

Another wall accessory.

"Bagai pungguk rindukan bulan".
Red porcelain plate hanged on the wall.

Inspired by great interior design at my friend's house in Shanghai, I bought this stool at Fella Design.

Antique kettle from Indonesia on my console table.

Antique wooden water bucket from China.

1950's antique teak wood bag.
The dry kitchen. This solid rubber wood table is from IKEA.

Some of my accessories.

The table wares.

Old Chinese plate I bought at Pasar Karat, Ipoh.

Can you stand the heat?

That's all for now. I hope by sharing this, you will get good ideas.
Let's b creat +ve!