Sunday, July 31, 2011

Incredible !ndia.

India - love or hate. That is all.

For me, I love India. A truly interesting place with full of colors. Visit and be amazed by the people & their culture.

A guide book that I read mentioned:

"India is like nowhere else on earth - it's thrilling, frustrating, inspiring and, most of all, incredibly diverse. With around 850 different languages in daily use, the sheer profusion of its peoples and landscapes is unparalleled"

I visited India last end of April till 2nd of May. A 6 days visit was full with amazing experience. What I love the most is the colorful people (and they love cameras) and their past architecture.

Here, I would like to share some of the deco ideas that I captured during my stay - from Delhi to Jaipur to Agra & back to Delhi.

A unique box for Rp3000

Candle holder - nice deco at the restaurant, Delhi

Outdoor bench at Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

Furniture at rooftop restaurant, Sunstar Grand Hotel. New Delhi

A very nice restaurant - seen from the outside (it was closed during our visit).

A shop that we found in the middle of a historical landmark in Rajashtan

Their concept inviting us to walk in

Window display

simple & nice - just the way we love it!

Love the bright and contrast colour of the cushions

From an old and dull corner to a cozy & nice seating area

Cashmere pashmina shawls

The hotel room in Sunstar Grand Hotel, humble look from the outside but quite grand look (for a budget hotel) inside.

A unique chair for two.

spoilt for choice! ;)

complete or too much?

Flowers in small pond - gives us a warm welcome to our 2nd hotel in Rajashtan.

Love the design

Nice bed setting - from here, we can learn some new way of decorating a bed

bath towel

Classic designed trash bin

Another view of the bed

..and I give my personal touch!

Our 3rd hotel - located just a few kilometers from the Taj Mahal

The bed

Furniture and deco at the reception area

Till then, see you in my next post! Challo!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Me on TV.

Shahril Suleiman!
I still remember in June last year (2010), I received a call from a person in TV9 inviting me to be one of the guest in their famous morning show (that my abah and emak love & watch every morning); Nasi Lemak Kopi O.
Did you ever dream of being on TV?. I am sure everybody did and I am very thankful that day that I've got the chance.

Still in shock & half-hearted (I was in the middle of my company's bi-annual stock taking day's preparation, that everybody knows is a very stressful and tiring event), I give them a 50-50 answer. They try to convince me that this chance will only come "once in a blue moon" (which deep in my heart I agree) and that everything is going to be fine - it is just like having an ordinary conversation of a topic & no script (but they will give the questions that they will be asking in advance in order for me to prepare).

The reason that I gave a 50-50 answer is:
* I admit that I am afraid of being on TV - either I make it or I screw it up
* I am super-duper busy - I just finished being a "creative director" (sorry, as I wrote in my previous post, I appoint my own self for this position) for my sister's wedding, just returned back to KL and in the middle of the rush to complete the stock take preparation that will be held in another several days! &
* They will come to my house and shoot - preparing my house for a TV shooting is very stressful! and I don't need anymore stress to put on my small head!

However, as they managed to convinced me and as I try to count how many times a blue moon ever appeared in my sky - never! except this good opportunity, so I decided to agree and start to prepare.

A friend that I met on the show - Aidil.
Only god knows how busy I am those few days preparing my house for the shooting. The crew came to my house a night before the live show to shoot.
Extremely tired, I finally woke up at 8.15am on that very important morning. The show starts very early and I supposed to be at the studio at 7.30am!. Imagine how my body and mind react to this situation. I feel like crying and screaming!. I brushed my teeth & grab my clothes - I was ready in only 5 minutes!. I took a cab and explain everything to the driver. I am very lucky that day was Saturday. I managed to be at Sri Pentas in only 15 minutes. I run to the guard house and tell them that I am the guest for NLKO morning show and they show me the direction - without asking for my ID (thanks Mr. guard!).

My segment (Hati Lelaki) starts only 5 minutes after I arrived at the studio. That is means, they interviewed me 25 minutes after I say hello to the morning sun - and I admit, my brain is still sleeping (OMG!).

Sh. Noor, Farah Adeeba, myself & Aidil.
Anyway, I've made it finally. My family and friends who was waiting in front of the TV managed to see me on the show!.

I had a very good time that day and I checked 'being-on-TV' off my list of things to do before I die ;)