Sunday, July 31, 2011

Incredible !ndia.

India - love or hate. That is all.

For me, I love India. A truly interesting place with full of colors. Visit and be amazed by the people & their culture.

A guide book that I read mentioned:

"India is like nowhere else on earth - it's thrilling, frustrating, inspiring and, most of all, incredibly diverse. With around 850 different languages in daily use, the sheer profusion of its peoples and landscapes is unparalleled"

I visited India last end of April till 2nd of May. A 6 days visit was full with amazing experience. What I love the most is the colorful people (and they love cameras) and their past architecture.

Here, I would like to share some of the deco ideas that I captured during my stay - from Delhi to Jaipur to Agra & back to Delhi.

A unique box for Rp3000

Candle holder - nice deco at the restaurant, Delhi

Outdoor bench at Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

Furniture at rooftop restaurant, Sunstar Grand Hotel. New Delhi

A very nice restaurant - seen from the outside (it was closed during our visit).

A shop that we found in the middle of a historical landmark in Rajashtan

Their concept inviting us to walk in

Window display

simple & nice - just the way we love it!

Love the bright and contrast colour of the cushions

From an old and dull corner to a cozy & nice seating area

Cashmere pashmina shawls

The hotel room in Sunstar Grand Hotel, humble look from the outside but quite grand look (for a budget hotel) inside.

A unique chair for two.

spoilt for choice! ;)

complete or too much?

Flowers in small pond - gives us a warm welcome to our 2nd hotel in Rajashtan.

Love the design

Nice bed setting - from here, we can learn some new way of decorating a bed

bath towel

Classic designed trash bin

Another view of the bed

..and I give my personal touch!

Our 3rd hotel - located just a few kilometers from the Taj Mahal

The bed

Furniture and deco at the reception area

Till then, see you in my next post! Challo!

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