Friday, May 11, 2012

Graphic Design?

It's been years since the last time I did graphic design for any event or presentation. Since I am now a committee member of my company's big event, I took the challenge to design the poster & invitation card for the event.


The Poster

Another poster / design theme for the event

VIP Invitation Card (Front)

VIP Invitation Card (Back)

Be Merry!

To be honest, I forgot on how to use Adobe Photoshop & Pagemaker. I do not know what version is AP & Pagemaker nowadays. So, I use PhotoScape to do the graphic & PowerPoint to finish the posters & invitation card with the wordings.

This is dedicated to my colleagues, esp Rozman Mat Nasir, Faiz, Im & Maliki.
I miss the time when we used to had a headache thinking about all the presentations during the university days!


  1. Cepat master Illustrator and InDesign! :)

  2. ahaha. Jas, kalau blh nak master byk program tp skg dah xleh gi bilik sebelah, pinjam installer, then tanya2 soalan kalau x faham. hehe. Rindu masa kat K25!