Thursday, June 16, 2011

Before & After.

Comparing "before & after" is one of the things that I love the most. I love to see how things changed and how miserable and  messy the "before" was.
Here, I would like to share some of the before & after pictures that I capture during my projects. Unfortunately, I always start my project and ideas without thinking of capturing the "before" and below are some of the 'not so many' pictures that I managed to capture before I start my deco project.

My traditional kampung house project for BH's Rumah Idaman competition.

Another view at the kitchen.

My previous house at Sentul - this area have been transformed after I won the sofa in the Rumah Idaman competition.

The living room - I changed the dark wall to a more brighter (clay) colour.

My room.

My current house's master bedroom - the wall had been painted with blood red colour & I also bring in the paintings from the living room to this area to get better impact to the wall. Inspired by the fantasy drama Heroes, I call this wall "a page of a comic book".

The space between two rooms had been painted with dark clay colour. I also change the pendaflour lamp to a classic designed lamp from IKEA.

Walla! ~ a more organized area!

The kitchen.

The living room - before & after.

I love this space - see how this area changed!

I relocate and keep all the unnecessary items in this area and reorganize the accessories as well as the appliances on three wall shelves. 

Another view of the living area.

from table to shelves.

Hope this post gives you some ideas on how to transform an area. All areas in any house is a potential area but it depends on how you decorate / arrange those areas from zero to hero!

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